Chip Firing Interface

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The big white box above is the chip-firing interface.  Here's how to use it:

There is also the option to add pre-set graphs instead of drawing your own:

This also includes functionality used for simulating chip-firing games. When in chip firing mode, the following happen:

This was made in HTML5 and JavaScript using the canvas element.

Based on the FSM machine here and here.

Update by Heidi Leeds, Isaac Weissman, Isabel Albores, Nick Hollon in 2021

Update by Markus Feng in 2019

Update by Samuel Green in 2015

Original by Evan Wallace in 2010

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Ralph Morrison, Yoav Len, Josse van Dobben de Bruyn, Shefali Ramakrishna, Robin Huang, and MATH 435 (2021) for the feedback and suggestions. Ralph Morrison was supported by NSF Grant DMS-2011743.